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HauKa Karolina Koziej


dog behavior consultant


Force-free & Science-based

Karolina Koziej

enjoy the better relationship with your dog

Dog behaviorist - zoopsychologist Warsaw Positive reinforcement only.



Let's make an appointment, tell me about your problems, your lifestyle.


The first appointment lasts about 60-90 minutes, I will ask you questions and get to know your dog and find the WHY in their behavior. 



After a detailed analysis of the behavior, I will present you an action plan, to be implemented alone or in cooperation with me, depending on how difficult the problem is.


During the process, we monitor the effects and introduce modifications, if needed.

about me

Inspired by the experience with my own dogs and volunteering in shelters for homeless animals, I decided to dive deeper into the complexities of the dog's psyche. I help people to communicate with their animals, I solve problems and teach mutual dialogue.

I am an expert witness in the field of animal psychology at the District Court in Warsaw.


Dog mom of Molson, the greatest of all the mongrels.







Trauma in dogs with Caroline Alupo - Psia Wachta




Practical workshops: Sensory integration for dogs with Els Vidts - Freedogz Belgium

Workshops with amazing Angela Stockdale - Understanding prey drive in dogs

Nosework in aggression and fear therapy - PAZiA

The Constructional Approach in Dog Behaviour Modification - Psia Wachta & CAAWT

'Silence is golden' with Leslie McDevitt - Heart Equine Academy




Sensory integration for dogs course with Els Vidts - Freedogz Belgium

Pattern Games with Leslie McDevitt - Psia Wachta

Blood, urine and stool tests analysis in dog behavior changes - Centrum Szkoleń Animalia

Medical training - Dogfulness & Otwórz się na psa

Introduction to Canine Neurology - Course for veterinarians - Centrum Szkoleń Animalia

Course by Michele Minunno: Aggressive behaviour in dogs - Psia Wachta

Dog training instructor course - Psia Wachta

Emotions and self-regulation in the relationship with the dog - Wojtków Szkolenia




 Behaviorist - Zoopsychologist Course - Ethoplanet

First Aid Course for Companion Animals - Ethoplanet

Course in Anatomy and Physiology for Behaviorists - Ethoplanet

Animal Behavior Analysis - Ethoplanet

The Theory of Learning and Behavior Modification - Ethoplanet

Behavior as a Mirror of Emotions course with Angela Stockdale - Z psem w pełni

The Legal Basics of Dog and Cat Keeping Course - Ethoplanet

Psychological Trauma and Post-traumatic Stress in Dogs by Dr Frank McMillan

IX National Conference on Animal Behaviorism: Fear in dogs - the basis of dog's anxiety behavior, types and work techniques

Working with a geriatric dog - Psia Edukacja

Working with a shelter dog - Psia Edukacja

Companion animal stress - recognizing, preventing and treating chronic stress in dogs - COAPE




Too hot to handle - Understanding and working with reactive dog by Dr Christopher Pachel

Second dog in the house - COAPE

Assessment of Aggressive Dogs - Wojtków Szkolenia 

Canine Age - Autumn Years Through the Eyes of an Animal Behaviorist - COAPE

Medical training for dogs /Cooperative care/ - Ethoplanet

Social Pain in Dogs by Dr Frank McMillan

Why me?

The bad behavior of a dog is not due to the malice or bad will of our pupils, but the problems that they are facing or have faced before. They can be influenced, among others, by diseases, pain, bad experiences, unfulfilled needs or incorrect training. Discovering the reasons for undesirable behavior is of key importance for the health of my patients.


Good relationship with your dog is extremely important for their welfare, but also for our well-being. Trust and a sense of bond built with our pup also positively affect our mood, remember that!


I work with senior dogs, dogs with disabilities, blind or deaf.


HauKa Karolina Koziej


Dog behavior consultant

Zoopsychologist Warsaw


I conduct consultations in Warsaw.

After the first meeting, you will receive a series of recommendations for your dog and information about the action plan, including subsequent sessions.


Pricing: first meeting 300 zł,

subsequent meetings 200 zł

Individual dog training 

Puppy training 


Individual training - 150 zł / hour

600 zł / 5 lessons package

(cooperative care also)


NEW: Sensory integration for dogs

150 zł / hour

400 zł / 4 lessons package

Classes take place in Jaroszowa Wola




By following my advice, you can eliminate or significantly reduce your problem and enjoy a better relationship with your dog!


However, please remember that working with a behaviorist requires a lot of commitment, it is a job that we do together, but there are no miraculous methods that will immediately change your pup.


Dog behavior consultant online

Zoopsychologist online


Some problems can also be solved without direct contact, based on an online conversation and video materials sent by you.

The best option for people who live outside of Warsaw or cannot meet in person.


Pricing: first meeting 250 zł,

subsequent meetings 150 zł

Ask me if I can help you online with your particular problem

When you should ask for my help?

- You just got a puppy and want them to be raised well

Your dog shows aggression towards people or other animals

- Your dog is fearful or timid in certain situations

- You've noticed a change in the dog's behavior

- Your dog has a problem with acclimatization to his new home

- Your dog destroys things

- You have a problem with barking, excessive vocalization, which becomes bothersome

- Your dog is pulling on a leash

- Your dog has a problem staying home alone

- Your dog is hyperactive or, on the contrary, has depressive behavior

- There is a conflict between animals in your home

- Your dog is not listening to you

- Your dog exhibits other behaviors that are bothering you 

- You know that your life will change

- You are facing some changes like moving, getting a child or another pet 

- You are still before choosing a dog for you and you need advisory (I can help you choose the best breed for your lifestyle, and can also participate in pre-adoption meetings if you want to adopt a pet from a shelter / foundation)

Still hesitating?


Help yourself and your dog!

Call me: +48 606 870 330


E-mail: karolinakoziej@gmail.com




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